donderdag 26 november 2009

crapulius caesar - vulle pulle

next upload is also one my favorite belgian anarchopunk bands. This is a male/female vocal band from the West-Flanders of belgium. This is must for some anarchopunk fans. The band sounds alot like mushroom attack. The band doesn't play anymore but some members just started a new band together called; Seized by man. The guitarist also played in Personal jesus detector (a old grind/crust band from belgium), and he also did sometimes vocals on concerts from Hiatus. . lyrics are in dutch and english. And there are 2 covers on (a.c.a.b. and police story). So enjoy this nice tunes!!

crapulius - vulle pulle download

bday party

my birthday is on 2th of december but my party is on 28 november @ de vortn vis


PETRIFIE (micro death metal)
ANTI BEAT (Digital Hardcore punk)
198KTHAR-SIX (industrial percussive / ambiant electronics)
OPIDUM (ambiant noise bending)

SEIZED BY MAN (fe/male vocal anarcho punk)
INDEMNITY (antifa thrash metal)
IDIOT CONVENTION (thrash punk)
UNARMED RIOT (anarcho ska punk)

+ afterparty with happy, brutal, fucked up dancing,drunk dropping, and 50L FREE BEER!!

ends: when everbody is crashed

entree: 5 euro

dinsdag 3 november 2009

amen - don't imitate show your hate

This is a six song ep by a brutal crustcore band from Finland. It was recorded on 13th-14th february 1993. In the download you can also find the lyrics.

download: amen - dont imitate show your hate

subway arts - lp

This band i know by a friend of me who bought this lp years ago.
I was complete away from this band, this is some good anarchopunk with very nice lyrics!
i don't know very much about this band. they played in the end 80's begin/mid 90's. And their are from a small country in Europe called Luxemburg. They also released a split with the band 'no more'. And in 1996 a member from subway arts started a punkrock band called Petrograd.
The sound is pretty good on this download i think, i try to recorded it from the lp to my computer and i think it's pretty good. So Enjoy!

maandag 2 november 2009

Mushroom attack - discography


mushroom attack live in de vortn vis, Ieper - Belgium (1991/1992?)

Mushroom attack was a band that was active in end of 80's begin 90's. They play some very good anarchopunk with male/female vocals. This was a pre fleas and lice band. Lyrics are political and against the system.

crappy footage but cult.

download: mushroom attack - discography