woensdag 6 januari 2010

oedeem - silence means death split ep

First of all, a happy 2010, with lot of party's and fun and whatever you want!
Next upload is from my own band "oedeem" where i played guitar for.
This is a split ep with the belgain guys from Silence Means Death.
After we recorded and brought out this ep, we did together a small tour in France.

Oedeem is a crust-dbeat-punkband with male and female vocals. Sadly we don't play anymore. But other members are still playing in other groups: (transhumania, last legion alive, seized by man, check them out on myspace). I won't say much more about my band, just check it out and see for yourself.

live in 2008 at St.niklaas (belgium):

Silence means death is a 3 member crust 'n' roll band with members from nahende vernichtung and last legion alive. The vocals of rikkie are heavy, the drumbeats are amazing, and the bass is crust as fuck! The name of the band is coming from the song "refuse resist" of sepultura .

live at xmass crust fest 2009 in Aalst (belgium):

download link fixed on 23/02/2010!