donderdag 26 november 2009

crapulius caesar - vulle pulle

next upload is also one my favorite belgian anarchopunk bands. This is a male/female vocal band from the West-Flanders of belgium. This is must for some anarchopunk fans. The band sounds alot like mushroom attack. The band doesn't play anymore but some members just started a new band together called; Seized by man. The guitarist also played in Personal jesus detector (a old grind/crust band from belgium), and he also did sometimes vocals on concerts from Hiatus. . lyrics are in dutch and english. And there are 2 covers on (a.c.a.b. and police story). So enjoy this nice tunes!!

crapulius - vulle pulle download

bday party

my birthday is on 2th of december but my party is on 28 november @ de vortn vis


PETRIFIE (micro death metal)
ANTI BEAT (Digital Hardcore punk)
198KTHAR-SIX (industrial percussive / ambiant electronics)
OPIDUM (ambiant noise bending)

SEIZED BY MAN (fe/male vocal anarcho punk)
INDEMNITY (antifa thrash metal)
IDIOT CONVENTION (thrash punk)
UNARMED RIOT (anarcho ska punk)

+ afterparty with happy, brutal, fucked up dancing,drunk dropping, and 50L FREE BEER!!

ends: when everbody is crashed

entree: 5 euro

dinsdag 3 november 2009

amen - don't imitate show your hate

This is a six song ep by a brutal crustcore band from Finland. It was recorded on 13th-14th february 1993. In the download you can also find the lyrics.

download: amen - dont imitate show your hate

subway arts - lp

This band i know by a friend of me who bought this lp years ago.
I was complete away from this band, this is some good anarchopunk with very nice lyrics!
i don't know very much about this band. they played in the end 80's begin/mid 90's. And their are from a small country in Europe called Luxemburg. They also released a split with the band 'no more'. And in 1996 a member from subway arts started a punkrock band called Petrograd.
The sound is pretty good on this download i think, i try to recorded it from the lp to my computer and i think it's pretty good. So Enjoy!

maandag 2 november 2009

Mushroom attack - discography


mushroom attack live in de vortn vis, Ieper - Belgium (1991/1992?)

Mushroom attack was a band that was active in end of 80's begin 90's. They play some very good anarchopunk with male/female vocals. This was a pre fleas and lice band. Lyrics are political and against the system.

crappy footage but cult.

download: mushroom attack - discography

donderdag 29 oktober 2009

First Post

And here is the first post!

This split cd-r is a split from 2 Belgians bands released in 2006.

Uitschot: Was a band that started in 2005 in the east-flander side of Belgium in a town called Maldegem . They played some fast punk with grind influence. They played their last show this year on "ear damage fest" in Gent, Belgium. This show was also a suprise reunion concert for the organisator from the fest. Members of uitschot are also member from the bands: Oedeem and Transhumania. For me is uitschot one of the best bands we had in Belgium in the last years. The vocals from Ebbor are just great! The lyrics are in dutch and englisch and are about animal rights, feelings, alcohol, the punk culture, consumption,...
video from their last concert:
you can see me jump off the stage at 1:40. UGH!

Unarmed riot: Is a 2 male vocal anarcho-ska-band that started in 2003 in the West-Flanders of Belgium. They play some good music thats make you pogo and skankin'. The most lyrics are very political and anti-system. They still playing and did already a lot of gigs in belgium and some in Nederland and France. If you like some good anarcho punk this will be something for
you! enjoy!
unarmed riot live @ vortn vis, Ieper - Belgium

download: uitschot - unarmed riot split cd


Welkom to this blog.

i'm a guy thats live in belgium and want to share some stuff with you.

info about concerts, music, action,...

everything that will posted is from things that i like: crust, punk, ska, metal,...
belgian music and music from all over the world.
and there will be no racist/fascist talk accepted here, this is a blog that supports antifa-actions!!!



take care! (A)//(E)//(V)